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Re: Abnormal Pap
Jun 29, 2005
I swear I was reading your post and it sounded like I was the one who wrote it. Where do I start?... My story is pretty much the same. I've been having abnormal paps (ASCUS) since 2002. I used to go to this health center at school just out of convenience. I also suffer from recurrent bacterial infections and they would tell me that the abnormal paps were due to that. So off they would send me with some pills and a vaginal cream and each time they would tell me to come back in 6 months for a follow up. I never second guessed them and honestly, I didn't really know what an abnormal pap meant or how serious it could be. Fast forward to 2004. 4 paps later I started getting really concerned with the results. Finally I decided to switch doctors at the beginning of this year, I had had it!

That was the best decision I've ever made! She saw my medical records and decided to test me for HPV. Well, it came out positive for a high risk strain and so she schedule a colposcopy ASAP -As you may know already high risk HPV is strongly linked with cervical cancer. That was a tough one to swallow. I never had any symptoms or even knew what HPV was. Didn't even have that many sexual partners. Now I had something for which there is no cure for!

The biopsy results from the colposcopy came back as severe dysplasia (CIN3). To make a long story short, I had to have a cold knife cone surgery 4 months ago. Thankfully, the pathology report came back with clear margins. Now I need to have my first pap since then in a couple of weeks and I'm crossing my fingers for it to come back normal.

From my experience I've learned that doctors are sometimes careless and so it's good to always be proactive with your health. Get informed, do some research and if you don't feel comfortable with the health care you are getting -change doctors!. I wish I could've had an HPV test and colposcopy done back then. My dysplasia would've been caught in its early stages.

Ask them to test you for HPV and more importantly -do get that colposcopy! Bacterial infections can make your pap results abnormal BUT it is better to be on the safe side and get tested for HPV to get to the bottom of things.
I'm sure you'll be fine and if there's anything wrong remember that you're catching it on time when it's 100% treatable. :bouncing:

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