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[QUOTE=arcticablue]Hi! I am worried sick and don't get to see my OBGYN until July 8, 2005. I had a baby Dec. 2, 2004 and at my post-op appt. the doctor said I was fine. He almost did a pap but decided he'd have me schedule an appointment in the summer. A few weeks after my post-op appt. I had a strange yellowish discharge in my underwear one day. I was undergoing treatment for Lyme Disease at the time and had just switched medications (was on serious doses of meds and probiotics) so I didn't think much of it. The discharge did not smell and did not make me itch. That was in January. As the months passed I had a lot of discomfort with my stomach due to the harsh effects of antibiotics. The stomach pain never fully went away and then several weeks ago I had some seriously emotional days and felt light cramps...the kind you get several days before your period comes on. (By the way, I am breast feeding and on the progesterone only pill and don't have periods right now.) Last week that strange yellow infected discharge came out of me twice in one day. I have been having changes in my bowel movements (diarreah, constipation) serious gas, extreme fatigue, a full feeling in my lower abdomen, feeling like I need to poop, pain in my lower back, feel crappy and I noticed that my fallopian tube and ovary on the left side are swollen and hard. The cramps seem to get worse everyday and now I feel pain on the right side too. I keep getting cold chills sometimes too. I called the doctor's office and his nurse acted like it was no big deal and to not worry. Blood comes out with this clear discharge everytime I have a bowel movement and the cramps keep getting worse. Has anyone ever had these problems? What's the difference in symptoms between cysts and cancer? The only major difference I have found is that cancer causes fatigue. Do cysts cause you to be fatigued? I am scared because I am so fatigued and can't understand why. If anyone has had the same symptoms or has a cheerful word...please reply. If it is ovarian must be out of control by now, from what I've researched. The main organ inside that is swollen is my fallopian tube. I fear that something (bad) went wrong with my stomach too. It has hurt for months and nobody has got to the bottom of it. It hurts all along my colon. The discharge thing is weird too. I have only seen it (yellow infected-looking) a few times in the past 6 months, which tells me that the infection must be tucked away inside. Please help!

P.S. Waiting for 8 more days to see the Dr. is making my stomach hurt too![/QUOTE]

You should have your gyne check for infection regarding the discharge.
You can't feel an enlarged fallopian tube from the outside...when you go for
your gyne check up he/she can feel for any abnormalities an order
an ultrasound if needed. Your rectal bleeding is most likely from hemorrhoids.
But your gyne can check that too.Your fatigue may be due to your past
lyme disease and the fact that you've been breast feeding a little one.
If you are referring to ovarian cysts.. some women experience pain from
them even when they're small under 2cm.Ovarian cancer is silent until
advanced.Your pelvic pain could be due to your intestinal problems and
stress only makes it worse.I think your imagination may be getting the
best of you.Think good thoughts... you only have 5 more days to go!

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