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Ok - so after having problems with having a 5-6 day heavy period then 9-10 days ok then to spotting for 3 days to having a heavy period again. I went to the GYN on Tuesday. She did a look-see with the speculum and then did a bimanual exam. This has never hurt me in the past but sometimes felt some pressure. Well I about jumped off the table and had to let out a moan when she touched something on my right side :nono: . She told me that it was probably the fibroids, but that we needed to talk about surgery. I have 3 small fibroids noticed during my 1st pregnancy 9 years ago - they have not grown. When I asked whether it was a fibroid-removal surgery or hysterectomy - she said hys. and asked if I was sure I didn't want any more kids. Well, of course I don't cause I have 2 wonderful children and my hubby had a vasectomy last year so I wouldn't have to take the pill anymore. So she is having me come back to discuss this and she wrote on the paper "next available appt" and then had me do some bloodwork (ferratin, CBC, prolactin, and some others I can't remember). The woman drawing my blood had to look some of them up in the reference manual to figure out what tubes to use.
Well this spot she touched is still hurting me 2 days later with severe stabbing pain several times afterwards on Tues evening, so I took a couple Tylenol. I called and spoke with the nurse yesterday and when she checked with the GYN, they put me in for a ultrasound on Monday.
History: cervial dysplasia treated with cyrosurgery and curettage (2 different times) prior to first pregnancy. Normal paps since- done yearly. Now cycle is 14 days from start of one to the next with bleeding for 5-6 days. Also spotting after sex and having BMs.
Can anyone offer suggestions as to what she could have touched that would hurt and make you bleed? Fibroid or ovary?

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