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I did not receive any replies to my last posting may of seemed as if i did not really need any help but really i would appreciate any help and advice as i am truely worried.

I have had 3 abnormal smears, following which i had a colposcopy . A biopsy was taken during this procedure as they saw an abnormality over one of the glands in my cervix. The biopsy came back showing abnormalities stage 1-2. I have to wait until september for them to do another biopsy....(as this may give enough time for my cells to 'mend ' themselves!) i am due for a scan in august which also seems so far away.

Over the past few months i have had constant pain, spotting, bleeding and also fatigue and going to the toilet alot more...I have always had normal periodsd in the past up to the last 2 years

What is going on with my body I am so scared...I am 32 and i have no children .....but i hope i will still have the ability to have them if i so choose in the future

Please help a worried 32 year old...thankyou
I just had my second colposcopy yesterday. I've had mild dysplasia on and off for a couple of years. The cells on your cervix are constantly turning over, so that is why your cells might mend themselves and revert to normal. But on the flip side, the bad cells might also multiply which is why you need to keep getting checkups. Dysplasia does not mean cancer. If you ignore it, then you might have worse problems.
Its hard to sit and wait for your next appointment or for test results. Trust me, I've been in the same boat and I've yelled at appointment schedulers for not understanding why a 5 week wait for an appointment is unacceptable!! What you can do is start taking extra good care of yourself. Be healthy. Yesterday, I asked my doctor what can I do instead of doing nothing but worrying inbetween appointments. My doctor said that all I can do is start boosting my immune system by taking a vitamin/mineral/herb complex. She recommended one complex in particular but I bought the Wellness formula by Source Naturals, with my doctors approval. It had the same ingredients - lots of vitamins, herbs, etc. I would get your doctors blessing before you do anything or at least inform them of what you are doing. You don't want to start something that might make things worse or cause other problems. You can overdose on certain vitamins.
I'm not sure about the spotting and pain and fatigue. I have also had urology problems this year and I'm constantly wondering if the problems are connected but I'm being told they are completely separate issues. I often think that some of my separate health problems are from the stress of wondering what's wrong with me. Stress is a bad thing and can make you more sick. If you are in pain, I would get back to the doctor though. You shouldn't wait til September. Take charge of your health and ask questions.

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