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Ty all three of you for your responses. Doc is really pushing cryosurgery, I have been opting not to have it done as I have been told that it can be very painful and I knwo the recovery takes a while as far as having a lot of discharge and all for a while. I have had a couple miscarriages and probs in that department and have just had a lot of female issues and the last thing I had done was the biopsies/colpo and omg that hurt me soooo bad. I hurt for two days afterwards with cramps. I took motrin beforehand but it didnt help much. I am just sooo scared of pain and just in general sick and tired of it seems ppl are always 'up in there' :rolleyes: sry I am also battling a bad bout of depression and kinda in the I dont care about much phase :( I do knwo that I should have the cryo as that this is a TON easier than dealing with Cancer. I know there are only a like 1% chance or something of something happening to interfere with fertility but with my luck I am terrified of that. I am soooo scared I wont ever be able to have kids. If the doctor told me tomorrow I could never have kids I wouldnt want to live simple as that. My parents know this as do some of my friends but nobody has been through this in my family before and nobody seems to understand or really care about how i feel about all this. I have a ton of other medical problems to go along with this and am just of there always being something wrong and more tests and meds and procedures. Don't get me wrong I am lucky to only have the things as I do as I could have it 10x worse but if anyone has suffered with depression then maybe you understand where I am coming from...

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