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Getting very scared here. I am 52, had pap smear on 7/26 that came back two days later abnormal: ASC-H. I have read now from numerous medical sites that this is a bad reading and should be scheduled for colposcopy immediately.

What is "immediately?" Cannot get appt. before 8/18. Saw dr. last week and he did endometrial biopsy, because endometrial lining is also thickened, per ultrasound.

I have had low-grade pelvic cramping intermittently for the past several months or so. I attributed it to "perimenopause." I attributed everything to that. I am sorry I ever heard the word "perimenopause" now because I might have sought med help earlier.

I think the dr. did not do colposcopy because of time limitations.

Trying to remember to breathe here. Would appreciate other opinions/experience.
Thank you truly for the response, Karen. The last two weeks have been just a snowball of fear -- abnormal pelvic, pap, ultrasound and then endometrial biopsy. I think I would be foolish not to prepare for some sort of bad news, hopefully not the worst. :( All spring/summer I have been planning for my daughter's wedding, a week from today a thousand miles away. I leave tomorrow. Unfortunately I have been feeling very tired, but maybe I will get energized.

The colposcopy is scheduled for a couple of days after I get back. I have seen two doctors, an internist and a gynecologist (I think?). I have lived in this town only a year. These doctors both seem pretty good, actually, but I think they too are fearing more than they say.

One half of my cervix is quite enlarged, and the cervix is twisted to one side which made the pap smear difficult to get. That is what started my panic.

I will check back here tonight and then after I get back from the big momentous trip & occasion.

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