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Hi, I am 32 y/o tomorrow. No pap smear in 14 years. I was a victim of sexual abuse, along with other issues. But, I am kicking myself for avoiding it for so long.
I went to planned parenthood and got a pap smear on Tuesday, 9/13/05. I was very nervous.
The clinician did a BE, Speculum exam, pap smear, and a bimanual exam. No rectal exam
[B]My question is if she had seen or felt something abnormal during the speculum exam and bimanual exam, would she have said something then? or would she wait 2-3 weeks until pap results come back to tell me everything? [/B]
My hubby says that if she had seen or felt something abnormal, whether I was nervous or not, she would have told me then.
After the exam, the clinician just said, "ok, you made it through another exam." She knew I was nervous. I did not tell her how many years it had been.

[B]My next question is : "Would the cervix look normal if someone is afflicted with Stage 4 cervical cancer? Would the pelvic exam appear normal? I am obese and I read that the pelvic exam is much more accurate in smaller people.[/B]
I also read that by the time cervical cancer bleeding or is advanced, then it is usually visible just by looking at the cervix during speculum exam.

I did not bleed right after the pap, but did spot one time 2 days later. Is this normal?? I have to wait 2-3 weeks for my results. Needless to say, it's about all I can think about, although I am trying to change this way of thinking.

My periods (actual blood days) are pretty much normal as far as length (I actually bleed a little less than I used to); although my cycles will fluctuate once in a while (I average around 32 days from the start of one period to the start of the next.)

Background on symptoms:
8/13/05 1 blood spot after urinating once, my period came 08/24/05 was normal, I did have some lower back pain during my period

On 9/1/05, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. given antibiotics, cleared up..but now 2 days later, I still have urinary frequency, although the urine looks normal.

Also, for the last couple of weeks I have had several episodes of rectal bleeding with bowel movement.
I know that urinary and bowel symptoms can be symptoms of advanced disease.
I did not tell my clinician about my symptoms, mainly because I figured the Urinary tract infection was just that and on the day I saw her, I was urinating fine.
Also, I figured the day of spotting was me ovulating. I'll be more open next time.

Please answer.
God bless all of you and your families
Hi GodsChild2,

You need to go to a Gastroenterologist Dr. Because you have rectal bleeding, or blood in your stool, you need to make sure that your gastro-intestinal system is ok. He/she will tell you if you are ok, or if they need to check further with a lower endoscopy/colonoscopy.

Of course the rectal bleeding could just be hemmoroids. And you may just have endometriosis - which a lot of women live with. Just try to keep busy and do not worry. I know it is hard.

Take care. Love, Wannabe
Thanks so much for your replies.

When I said Stage 4, I was talking about advanced Stage 4, not the pap smear classification.
I was wondering would advanced stage 4 show a normal cervix w/ no lesions, and no cervical motion tenderness.
I still haven't gotten my pap results back, but my apparently looked fine during the speculum exam. The clinician did not note anything about my cervix on the form other than "no cervical motion tenderness."
I am praying that my urinary symptoms ( sort of like a urinary tract infection) and occassional rectal bleeding are not related cervical cancer.
I am going to check out the rectal situation this week.

Those of you who know the words of prayer, please pray that I do not have cancer.

Thank you and God Bless You All

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