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Problems post LEEP
Oct 3, 2005
I had my LEEP done on Aug. 30, 2005. Since we are military our options are limited on where I go for procedures and since our military hosp. has a colposcopy clinic and performs LEEPs weekly in office I was required to have the procedure completed there. The resident did the procedure as the attending stood by and commented. She completed the procedure and than realized a small area that would not stop bleeding. They tried the silver nitrate, pressure and more cauterization. I was sent home and told to take it easy. I was informed of all the possible things to occur after the LEEP, the smell, discharge, possible menstrual like bleeding, ect.... Well, since I had had my youngest son 4 months prior and not having a menstrual cycle due to breast feeding and being on the mini-pill, I thought the bleeding was normal. The bleeding continued for two weeks and did not change from bright red. I spoke with the Dr. they wanted to see me in the acute care clinic the next day. I went in to find that the Dr. had possibly nicked a vein. The Dr. re-did the silver nitrate and had another medication applied. The following day I was bleeding even heavier, I was sent in again. Only this time they re-did almost the entire LEEP procedure minus the biopsy part, I was recauterized and back in the surgical suite. I was told at that time since I am breast feeding I should not be bleeding at all, and I should report any bleeding at once. Needless to say I called back in one week later and demanded to be seen, after getting the brush off since I was still bleeding, I was told during that appt., that the bleeding was minimal and they were going to see how I am in two weeks, since they did not want to aggravate the site any further. Well, I am still bleeding bright red blood and I see no end to this nightmare. I have my four-week follow-up next week, which in reality is my six-week follow-up since the first procedure on Aug. 30th. If anyone else has gone through this bleeding ordeal please let me know I am not alone? :yawn:

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