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Hello out there. I have been reading your threads and I am a bit confused. I found out 2 days ago that I may have ovarian cancer. A full body PET scan was done on me on Oct 1st for my lungs and they discovered the cyst on my left ovary. My lungs are fine, but I am now scheduled to see an oncology gynecologist next week. In the meantime, a CA125 was done and we are waiting for the results. When the pet scan was done the radiologist said there was very high activity going on in my left ovary. He strongly recommended a specialist to see me. That is what I am concern about. The doctor seems to think that if cancer is there (which I hear in his voice), it is at an early stage. I am afraid. I dont know what to do. I fear that if they open me up the cancer will spread very fast. I have had friends and family that have gone through it and not survive 2 years. What is this biopsy that was mentioned in your threads? The doctors in my case are suggesting surgery to remove the ovary.

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