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Tommorrow I'm going for my consultation on the Leep Procedure, My biopsy came back saying that I had Hgsil (severe dysplasia), I'm not quite sure of the progression rate of this disease, although only last year I had a normal pap smear, However for the past 12 months I have had a tremendous amount of break through bleeding, even though I've been on birth control for 7 years and tried every type of hormonal birth control out there I still bleed (heavy) while I'm on my active pills of the birth control. Usually for about 3weeks out of the month. Also I have severe cramps that make it impossible to get out of bed sometimes, I also have shooting pains in the cervical area even when I'm not bleeding, as well as lower back pain. I also bleed after, and sometimes during sex and douching. Starting in May I started having problems with High blood pressure. Then starting in July I started having problems with urination, (I know I need to go but I cant make myself, sometime running my hand under water helps and other times I just have to keep trying every ten minutes or so. It sometimes can take me an hour to pee). I don't know if I should tell my doctor about this because about 5 years ago I had a massive infection in the pelvic region after a laparoscopy, which mean't that I had a foley cathater for about 8 weeks, when I finally got it removed I had to teach myself how to pee again. So until this weekend I had assumed that my problems urinating were do to my history, and not worth wasting the doctors time over, but I'm starting to think maybe I should mention it just in case I can't make myself pee after this leep procedure. What do you think? :confused:

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