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For my last couple periods I have been experiencing something quite different. About 7-10 days prior to my period I have alot of lower abdominal and back discomfort. I feel bloated and extra gassy. And even some short twinges of pain. I get fairly large clots (about quarter size) when I do have my period. Last month I bled very heavily one night (super tampon every half hour). But then the period stopped the nexxt day (that was baout 3 days of period). I did go to er. They did a pelvic and some blood work and UA to make sure I wasnt pregnant. Sent me home with Rx for 600mg Ibuprophen. Called OB/GYN next day and she said not to worry..that we will just talk about it at my next appt (end of December). I called my GP. She scheduled a pelvic u/s just to ease my mind. It is scheduled for Nov 25th but I am thinking baout changing it to a sooner date. I found out that my grandmother died of ovarian cancer. SO, now I am worried that these symptoms are because of that. Any advice?? Oh..I am 31 and had a baby 13 months ago. I also had a cold knife cone biopsy done about 8 months ago. Everythign has healed fine according to Doc.

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