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I've been dealing with the same thing as you two!!!! I was beginning to think that I was the only person that was continuing to have mild abnormalities!

I was first diagnosed with HPV 15 years ago and had low grade abnormalities that persisted for about 4 years despite treatment (cryo)...then it regressed and I had normal paps for 8 years! Then after my second child was born I began getting ASCUS paps again...with a normal thrown in here and there and two LGSILs too! I've had 3 colpos in the past 3 showed chronic cervicitis and the other two showed HPV changes with CIN1. I had one round of cryo 8 months ago and had an ASCUS after and most recently a LGSIL....I am now scheduled for another colpo in a couple of weeks.

My dr. also told me that since my cellular changes have stayed mild for so long that they are most likely not going to get worse (I have a hard time believing him of course...because I prefer to use my oh so fun catastrophic thinking - lol)......He did tell me that since I am getting so increasingly anxious over this that if my colpo does reveal CIN1 again..(and of course if it reveals worse) that he would be willing to do the Leep for me (which scares the heck out of me!!!!)...but I want this done with.

I've been considering getting an appt. with a gyn onc myself. I may just mention it to my gyn at my colpo appt and see what he says. The stress of this is wearing me down which in turn is wearing down my immune system I'm sure.

I have tested positive for the high risk strains....have you guys also???

It does feel good to know that I am not alone with this persistent crap though. I hope we all can start to get normal pap readings soon!!!!!
Hi girls! Well, I just had my colpo (again) yesterday so I'm waiting for the dr. said he saw two little spots that looked very mild. Of course I'm always afraid that they will come back much worse than his interpretation. He said we will talk when the results come in and decide what to this point he is offering a leep because he knows that this is weighing heavily on my mind. Or I can continue to do watchful waiting or even another round of cryo (assuming it really IS still mild).

Hang in there girls...I'll keep you updated with my situation and please do the same!!!!!!

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