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Hi guys! Wanted to share some info I turned up in my ongoing research. I see this subject mentioned quite often on this site and I think this information is important to anyone who wants to do what they can to reverse the cellular changes. In my research I learned that cigarette smoking has been implicated as a cause. Now it's not THE cause - but combining smoking with HPV increases the risk of dysplasia. And that's not saying that if you smoke and have the virus that you will definitely get dysplasia. But if you DO have dysplasia and you DO smoke - take note. More than 53 percent of women with dysplasia are or were smokers. They have tested the bodies of women who smoke and the chemicals ingested (nicotene and cotinine) are concentrated in the cervix. Those chemicals have been shown to damage cervical cells. Now THIS was interesting - men who smoke also concentrate these chemicals into their genital secretions and can bathe the cervix with these chemicals during intercourse. Partners may want to consider using condoms as a preventative approach to reduce the risk or progression of cervical dysplasia. I don't smoke but my husband has taken up smoking cigars. (Yuck!) So - I'm taking the info from my research and he gets to use condoms from now on unless he decides to be smart and quit smoking! :) Anyway - hope this is helpful. I thought the information was very important to share!
Sorry about your other health problems! See the post Using Vitamins and Minerals to Reverse Dysplasia. I checked out my docs recommendations with the Life Extension Foundation as well as doing a lot of research on the internet and everything I've read says that Folic Acid and Vitamin A as well as Indole Carbinole (Cerviplex) helps the body to fight off the HPV virus. Hope this info helps you! I'm still in the midst of this so I can't swear by anything yet!
I specifically got the info about smoking from a wonderful book by Life Extension. It's called Disease Prevention and Treatment. It covers all types of disease and goes in quite extensively to cervical cancer including vitamins and minerals which have been proven through studies to help fight off the HPV virus. I can't recommend it strongly enough. The actual vitamin supplement regime I've used came directly from my doctor who has seen it reverse one of her patients from CINIII to normal within two three month cycles of using it. If you want the specifics on that regime, see my post on Using Vitamins and Minerals to reverse dysplasia. I've been through it twice now and waiting for a repap in June so I'll let you know how that comes out. It's basically trying to boost your immune system so your own body can fight off the virus. I'm crossing my fingers it works for me because I'm with the rest of you - I'm totally sick of going to the doctor non-stop! :rolleyes:

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