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Hi all..I posted awhile back. The saga continues....

I am a 34 year old who went to my PCP with excrutiating abdominal pain. Primary sent me for an ultrasound on 10/12. That ultrasound showed the following....left ovary had 4.5cm cyst that was partially fluid and partial debris. There were also multiple smaller cysts as well. I also had 52.8 cm of free fluid in my cul-de-sac. Primary referred me to a gyno.

Gyno assumed that I had a ruptured cyst and wanted a repeat ultrasound. this was done on 10/26...the cyst size had decreased to 1.5cm but it was a "hypoechoic structure" and had internal echoes which suggested a complex or hemorrhagic cyst.

Now mind you I am still in pain constantly, am extremely gassy all of the time, I've lost my apetite, get nauseous a lot...etc...I really feel like something is not right here.

Gyno than said that he wanted another Ultrasound at the tail end of my period. Well my cycle only lasted 20 days this time so I had my 3rd Ultrasound on 11/22/05. This time the cyst was 1.8cm with internal echoes which may represent an hemorrhagic cyst.

Gyno wants to see me this Friday for another internal and to put me on birth control pills???

My problem with this is that this cyst is not going away and is complex. In all that I have read, if a cyst doesnt go away after a few cycles, it should be checked out more thoroughly. Am I right about that?

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