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Cervical cancer
Dec 7, 2005
Does anyone know if cervical cancer is genetic or hereditary? I wanted to know because my mother died from cervical cancer 12 years ago. I wanted to also know if there was a chance of me getting it in a couple of years. My mother died when she was 28. Am not sure when she was diagnosed. Am only 19.
I am so sorry you lost your mother at such a young age :( It must have been an incredibly difficult time for you.

Short answer: no, most cases of cervical cancer are not genetic/hereditary.

Long answer: Most cases of cervical cancer are caused by the hpv virus. Most sexually active people will have some type of hpv in their body at some point in their life, and likely not have any type of indication that it is there (meaning it does not cause any genital warts or cervical cell changes). Unfortunately, for some of us it does end up causing cervical cancer if it is not caught early enough. The pap smear screens for cell changes, however it is not always 100%. That is why it is so important to get your pap smears done regularly. I was screened annually, and yet somehow I still ended up with early stage invasive cervical cancer. A key component of keeping the virus at bay is your immune system. If you are healthy, exercise, don't smoke, aren't overstressed, then you have a good chance of not experiencing any complications from the virus.

Again, I'm sorry that you lost your mother to cervical cancer. Please honor her by ensuring you go for your paps, and do your best to live a healthy lifestyle.

(Very well spoken Karen!)

Immune system like mentioned above is the main key combined with responsible sexual activety, your annual pap smear and you will not die from cervical cancer. 99.9% guaranteed!

Eat lots of dark greens!,,,as I tell myself.

You've been through alot, I can only imagine. You deserve the stars!

The education, knowledge, openess about this type of cancer is SO much better today. And hopefully in 2-8 years, they're won't be anyone dying from this. We just have to pass the word to friends about pap smears, how important they are.

Don't stress yourself over this. Just be smart with sex, avoid it if possible (not to sound like a nun ;) but it's true,,until you find the "one" man for you. Sex ain't worth it. Not in my eyes anyways. Eat well, take care of yourself TJay

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