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Hi All,

I am new here and I need to know if anybody else hase the same thing going on.

I had a leep done on the first of December, appartently the results came back as severe dysplasia. At first I got a light brown discharge and not much of it, but then it started to turn to pink/blood water discharge (it has now been well over a week). I have since been to the doctor and received two kinds of antibiotics just in case I have an infection. I cannot phone the gyno cause she is on holidays until after xmas.. Is this normal or is it really an infection. I have no odours but all of a sudden the bleeding/water started and I was changing my liner every two or earlier hours. Talk about freak out!!
At the moment it seems to be getting lighter so this looks good, but does anybody know if this is just part of the healing process?? Or has anybody had the same thing.

Also, I have started taking a Multi Vitiam that has Folic Acid (500mcg) and a small amount of Vit C, but I am also taking an extra 500mcg of Folic Acid, is this ok to do, I have read that you shouldn't take over 1000mcg unless told to by your doctor. I am also going to start taking extra Vitiam C as apparently it doesnt store in you body. Any other suggestions.. I am desperate to not have this thing come back anytime soon..

Thanks for listening.
Carissa, I had watery pinky discharge for I think about six weeks after my LEEP :( It will just depend on how your body reacts to the healing. As long as you are not running a fever and you don't have an offensive odor, you are likely okay. If you are really concerned, a quick check with your family doctor would be appropriate. If you start bleeding bright red blood heavily, requiring the change of your pad every hour, then you MUST check with a doctor. Given that two weeks + have passed since the procedure though, I would say your risk of this happening is probably minimal.

I hope this helps. Feel better soon :)

Doctors usually tell you not to worry unless you are going through a maxi pad an hour, so if you're still on liners you should be okay...I had an increase after one of my leeps and thats what they told me.

Also, I'm on 2 milligrams of folic acid, so the amount you're taking should be okay. I think in otc bottles the measurement is only in micrograms.

Lastly, your doc should have an on call number, after hours number or someone fielding calls while she's away. I can call the after hours number, and although I may not get my own doc, I can reach someone. Check on this...

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