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I can understand your feeling of just wanting to know what is going on. I have not had you symptoms and just have a slight pain on the left side or a low pelvic ache...some days nothing at all. And I have only had mine for about two months, so I can imagine how frustrated you must be not knowing what the problem is, after this length of time.

I had the CA125 (the doctor told me anything under 35 is OK) and mine was 12. I also had an ultrasound....they could not find the ovaries, even though the doctor had felt that the left one was slightly enlarged (and painful on examination), so I had to have a transvaginal ultrasound. The results showed no irregularities in the pelvis. The left ovary is a bit larger than the right but both are within normal range of size. The lining of the uterus is quite normal. All blood tests came back normal and no indication of infection.

Yet, I still have the intermittent left sided discomfort and the low pelvic ache. We are going to leave it for a week or two as I am still waiting the results of the pap smear. But I would have been more relieved had we found the cause of the problem.

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