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hi everyone,

my name is kerrie. I posted on the women's health board about a month ago when i first learned of what they found in my sono. Now i'm here because I started researching ovarian cancer and have quite a few symptoms. I guess I should start there. About eight months ago intercourse started to hurt like heck, and I began to get a period every other month. I had pain in my lower right side but I just figured it was par for the course since i had had kidney stones in May of 04. I started to have night sweats and became tired easily and just thought that was part of getting older. What finally got me to the doctors was i am constantly sick and wanted to know what was going on. Not to mention the lymphnode on the back of my neck is growing slowly and steady. Any way the doctor informed me that I had not had a pap in over two years and really should have one. So I did, during the exam I was in alot of pain. We discovered two lumps in my right breast very painful ones. So it was off to the sono and mammogram. My results from that are as follows Right breast has two cysts and a swollen lymphnode which is stated to be probably benign. Sono stated that I have cysts on both ovaries and in my uterus, also they saw signs of andenomyosis, and some thing that looks like Asherman syndrome which is apparently the walls of my uterus fusing together( really I'm not sure) anyway I went to see a gyn and she really sucked. She didn't examine me and picked at her fingures while I told her all my symptoms. Her final thought was To put me on birth control so I don't have any more periods, send me for an MRI , and see me in 3 months. Oh and she also informed me that I was too young to get cancer.( I'm 30 and cancer runs in my family like the plague.) So after that my husband and i agreed to get a second opinion at John's Hopkins when I called their womens clinic and told them my sono results they directed me to their gyn. oncology dept. After that I really started to worry, since all the doctors here have acted as if all this is nothing. In the mean time I look like I'm pregnant, I have heart burn ( which I have never to rarely had in my life) plus gas and feeling like I'm stuffed even after I eat a bagel, I'm still in pain, and exhuasted. Though today was a good day. I always have to go the bathroom and I feel pressure in my rectal area, I go to the bathroom 2-3 times a day its either very soft , diarehha, or constipation.( sorry to be graphic) So I had my MRI today and now I just wait. I have felt bad for so long that I'm not sure what I'll do if i start to feel better. I'm sorry for all the whining, I just needed to get it all out and hopefully someone here is going through the same and can maybe lend some advice for I have know idea what to expect when we go to Hopkins on Jan. 12. Or what to ask. At this point in time I think I'm crazy and its all in my head.

Thanks ahead of time to all who respond
keep smiling :D

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