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Here's a summary of the medical thinking on that, taape:

[QUOTE]10. What is the management of the pap smear reported as showing endometrial cells?

The Bethesda 2001 Classification System decided to report the presence of endometrial cells on pap smears as abnormal if the woman was over the age of 40. This decision was based on the possibility of endometrial cancer presenting as shed endometrial cells appearing on the pap smear of a menopausal woman. Obviously, many women over the age of 40 are not menopausal. For this reason, clinical judgment is required. If the pap smear was taken from a pre-menopausal woman, especially near the time of her menses, the finding of endometrial cells is not abnormal and no further follow up is required. If the woman is post-menopausal, then investigation the endometrium should be considered.[/QUOTE]

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