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New here so a little info. I am 27 years old. I found out when I was pregnant with my seventh child that my pap was abnormal. They ran the HPV virus which showed I carried the strand that was common for cervical cancer. My ob decided to do a colpo, originally with out a biopsy. Before the colpo was done the ob told me that I was on the border of mild dysplasia to nothing at all.
Then he did the colpo he didn't go into much detail with me about anything. He ended up doing a superficial biopsy. All he said to me when he was doing the colpo is that it looked like it was more advanced than just the nothing at all to mild dysplasia. I had to wait until my next appointment to find out the results, no phone call, in fact, I had to ask the doctor myself what the results were. I was never given a level I,II or III. He just said dysplasia. I am new to this and didn't realize there were different levels.
My ob told me that after I had my baby he would wait 6-8 weeks and do the LEEP procedure. My daughter is now 6 weeks old I go this Thursday to have "something" done. My doctor told me it was a colpo. Again, he didn't elaborate.
My questions are. I know they do the colpo when they do the LEEP, could that be what he is doing? Or could he just be going to see if it is still there?
Can moderate dysplasia(I'm guessing that is what I have, again, I was given NO specifics) go away?
Is it normal for a doctor not to be specific? He is an awesome OB and he is has been practicing forever. I am just wondering why I feel like I am in the dark. He just kept saying it wasn't a big deal. And since he is the doctor I believed him. But now I am terrified. I am just wondering if I should cancel and see if I can see a different doctor in his practice that specializes in this.
AND if I am having the LEEP, do I need someone there with me to drive me home? I have 6 kids under the age of 8, do I need to find some help with my kids?
I just want to be prepared. And I have been reading so many posts and these ?'s I don't know the answers to. So,thank you and sorry for my ignorance.

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