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I had a CT scan before the ultrasound for right lower abdomen pain. The Ct showed a mass on the left ovary, saw nothing on the right. The ultrasound 2 weeks later did indentify the left ovarian mass as a 4.5 complex cyst, some parts solid in the cyst, some blood. I was pretty upset after the CT scan, but the ultrasound got a clearer look at it. I asked my doctor why the CT couldn't tell it was a cyst, he said on pelvic CT's alot of the time gas in the bowel will obsure the ovaries. It basically let us know there was something there. I never had pain on the left side, now I do, probably from thinking about the darn cyst all the time! I just hope both tests, the CT and ultrasound don't miss anything. I guess we are at the mercy of the radiologist who reads the test. Godd luck. Ann

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