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Ginger...I am so greatful for your posting. I am going through the same exact thing as you, I have 3 bags as well. However, my case is a little worse. I am still battling cancer. Like you I went through simular treatments for the cervical cancer. I was diagnosed in Oct 04. Since at the time I was 32 years old they said they were going to be as aggresive as possible and the cure rate looked good. The doctors said my treatments would consist of 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. One day a week of chemo and 5 days of radiation. At the end of that cycle I would have 2 internal outpatient radiation treatments. At the end of the cycle of treatments they found that there was still one area that that did not respond. So instead of the outpatient wand treatment, I had to indure the most barbarric internal treatment. I was admitted to the hopsital for 2 cycles of radiation. They insurted about 50 metal rods into my vagina. Each treatment lasted 2 days. It was the worse experience of my life. After all that....There were no signs of cancer! I was thrilled! I was happy to return to a normal life. Things were going great! My career was taking off and I was enjoying life. I went in every three months for CT scans and check ups and all was good.
My life changed once again in Oct 05.
We discovered a lump on the right side of my neck. Immediatly my doctors did a biopsy, CT scan, PET scan and MRI. Unfortunatly the lump tested positive for cancer. I couldnt beleive it! The good thing about the whole situation is that that is the only area in my body that had cancer. So the game plan was to do 6 cycles of chemo over a 6 month period. I still kept a positive attitude and worked for the first 2 months of treatments. I lost my hair this time but I got some great wigs. I am an outside sales rep so I filled my clients in on my situation since it would be odvious that look would be different. I received an overwhelming amount of support. Well during the chemo treatments I started to have blood and mucus in my stool and constant urinary tract infection type of symptions. I went to to a proctologist and had a colonoscopy. Thank god there were no signs of cancer however, they did find the beginnings of a fistula. The doctors were hopeful with suppositories, emimas and steriods that we could heal the ulcer. It didnt work. Also my bladder problem was getting worse. At 33 I was wearing depends because I was constantly leaking. I had a scope done on my bladder and luckly there was no signs of cancer. So they increased my dosage of steriods in hope to repair the radiation damage. Still enduring chemo treatments, I came down with viral meningitis. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks and had a blood and platelate transfusion. I had 1 chemo treatment left and the lump on my neck was no longer visable. A few days before my last chemo treatment was scheduled, the vaginal/rectal fistula broke through. I too had fecal matter coming out both ends. It was horrifing. My doctor immediatly scheduled me for a colonostomy. I was freaking out but again still kept positive thinking having the procedure done is better then what I was dealing with. The surgery went well however when they took out the cathater, I had absolutly no control of my bladder. They once again did a scope of my bladder and a day later they put in the nephrostomy tubes. After all was said and done, I was in the hospital for 17 days. My doctor subscribed 20 hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments to help the fistuals heal. However my doctor said that the fistulas will never completely heal. After undergoing 10 treatments in the oxygen chamber, the lump on my neck started to surface again. So I stopped the treatments. The treatments however did seem to relieve some of the drainage. However, since oxygen helps to heal wounds it also helps to feed the cancer.
Well...where I'm at now is that I am leaving Las Vegas to return home to Denver. I beleive that I will receive better care there. Health care in Nevada is horrific. I started looking into alternative treatments for the cancer and the healing of the fistulas. I'm still keeping a positive attitude...although some days are rough!
Sorry for rambling on about my story but I hope that if you read this will make you feel a little comfort in knowing your not alone.
Keep a positive attitude! Since you no longer have cancer, you might want to ask your doctors about the hyperbaric treatments.

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