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Upcoming Leep
Feb 22, 2006
I haven't posted in a while about my situation. I've been having ongoing CIN1 for over 3 years now. I've had this in the past (over 10 years ago) and it did finally go away on it's own. Well, my dr. seems to be getting frustrated with the watchful waiting (and one failed round of cryo) and my anxiety about the situation has increased so I am having a leep performed on Tuesday. My most recent colpo and biopsy was in Dec. once again showing CIN1. Well, me being me, an extremely anxious nervous person, I am getting increasingly terrified of the leep. I have to go in as an outpatient at the hospital and I will be receiving TIVA sedation. I am more nervous about the anesthesia than the surgery itself...I've never had any sort of anesthesia before! My dr. used to perform the leeps out of his office with just a local but new insurance policies are making it necessary for him to perform them all out of the hospital - just my luck. I'd honestly rather just have the local.

Can anyone offer any reassurance....good leep results....good anesthesia experiences.....anything to calm me - lol! Of course my other fear is that they are going to find something much worse than CIN1.........although my dr. says that after over 3 years of having paps every 3 months (always showing ASCUS, or LGSIL or normal) and 5 colpos in that time (always showing CIN1 - condyloma and cervicitis ) that he really does not think we could've missed anything. I wish I could believe him......I hate when we let the doubts creep in!

So, my saga continues........on a side note.....after my last colpo in Dec. I figured it was time to start really trying to be healthier. I am now taking a very good multi vitamin with minerals and phytonutrients.....hopefully that will have helped some or will at least help my cervix heal normally.

Oh...and one more question???? I am an exercise-o-holic.......does anyone have any idea what my restrictions may be? I work out everyday....I don't mind if I have to skip running for a few days but I'm hoping he'll at least let me do pilates matwork starting a day or two afterwards.

Thanks ladies....I hope everyone is doing well.

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