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Thanks so much for sharing your experience. There is so much fear when it comes to this stuff that hearing how other worriers deal with it is very helpful! Hope the results are good!
Thanks for sharing your experience! You are right, all the textbook information in the world is minor compared to reading someone's personal experience :) I have had two ECC's (scrapings). The first one I felt completely the same way you did. He was very vigorous with the scraping, and I could feel my uterus jumping around. I, too, would choose labor and delivery any day over that scraping. My second one was done by a different gynecologist and was nowhere near as bad. I guess she was being gentle? But personally, I'd rather have it done vigorously and know they are getting a good amount of cells to send to pathology. Better to do it well than not get an adequate sample, you know what I mean? :) Thanks again for sharing. I sure hope all your results come back good for you.
I agree, they don't give you anything for colposcopy and biopsy..mine was not fun at all. But, it turned out I had invasive cancer and went through much more following that procedure.. Anyway, when he started to do the colp. and put that vinegar every where he said "God, when was your last pap test done?" I knew I was in trouble right away. He ended up doing 12 biopsies that day ..I tolerated the first 4 really well but after that, I think he was taking bigger ones, and I started to cry (it hurt so bad). He kept telling me "I still have to take a couple more just hold on."..Finally, the nurse told him that I was going to pass out...He replied.."Good, it will be easier for her if she does." The nurse was getting mad at him and she came up to me and told me right in front of the doctor to push my knees together and he would have to stop. He replied that he would only take one more..Thank God, he stopped. He then came up to me and told me how sorry he was , that he knew he had caused alot of pain,but that he had to get alot of biopsies. Normally he said he only takes 1 or 2 biopsies...Like I said mine didn't really start hurting until after about the 4th one. He also said he was sure this would most likely not be good results. He was right. A week later he called and told me he had just made an appt with an oncologist gynecologist at a cancer center 100 miles away...I ended up having 2 surgeries (1st one was cone biopsy, hysteroscopy, D&C.....2nd. one was radical hysterectomy with all pelvic nodes removed ) and then radiation, but that has been 11 years ago so it was certainly worth everything I had to go through..

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