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That's great the biopsy only showed CIN 1-2, and there was no canal involvement! I am not sure the LEEP affects your fertility, however there is a small risk it may affect your ability to carry a baby. The LEEP removes a chunk of tissue from your cervix - the amount of cervix removed varies on the cell changes/size/doctor preference. If there are concerns with the length of your cervix after you become pregnant, they would do a stitch (called a cerclage) to keep it from opening. Many women have had a cerclage and not only because they have had a procedure done to removed dysplasia. Also, there is a very, very minor risk of stenosis where the cervix might be affected by scar tissue from the procedure that may prevent the cervix from dilating during labor. this would mean you would deliver via c-section versus natural delivery.

My suggestion is to continue educating yourself about the risk vs. benefits of the LEEP procedure. Talk to your doctor more about why he wants to do the LEEP, make sure he understands how important being able to carry a baby is to you. From what I've read, the risk of complications are minimal, doesn't mean they can't happen, but statistically I believe they are rare. Probably the possibility of the dysplasia progressing to a higher level is more probable than the complications of the procedure. Good luck with your decision.
want2know... My leep was in September of 2004. It took care of the problem for me for awhile. I had a year of clean paps afterwards. Unfortunatley it seems that I have a persistant strain of HPV and I had a low grade change pap come back last month. They did the colpo, bio, and ecc last week, he found a small spot. I'm still awaiting the results to see what treatment option would be best.

I haven't had any children yet. I'm only 24 and am not totally decided on if I want any. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

I'm so sorry about what happened to your mother. I fear that is what will end up happening to me. But I must try to think positive. I know - very difficult in these times. Have you talked with your doctor yet? Keep us posted.

*By the way - I wasn't thinking about it when I typed last night, a leep doesn't affect your fertility, it affects your cervix and ability to carry a baby to term. Thanks!
In addition to Cerviplex, there are other vitamins you can take that have been proven to boost your immune system. See my post on Using Vitamins and Minerals to reverse cervical dysplasia. It's probably down the list quite a ways by now. I've been through two courses of this regime and my next pap isn't till June so we'll see if it eradicated the persistent strain of HPV from affecting the cells or not. After each three month course, I had a normal pap but the one in between came back ASCUS. I know you never get rid of it but if your immune system can fight off the virus you should start having normal paps again. When I'm not on this particular regime, I still take a very good mix of vitamins by Life Extension as well as Cerviplex. Cerviplex is also known as Indole-3 Carbinole. I've found it at a pharmacy that specializes in formulating drugs and doing natural hormone replacement as well. Also note that smoking is a HUGE risk for those of us battling HPV as well as having sex with a smoker. The carcinogens get into the man's semen and bathing your cervix with them is a bad idea. If your significant other smokes - insist on condoms. Hope I don't sound too radical but I've done a ton of research and this is what I've learned.
Good question about the nicotene gum. I honestly don't know. I looked up the info I'd gotten this from and it said that the bodies of women who smoke concentrate the chemicals ingested by smoking (nicotine and cotinine) in the cervix. These chemicals have been shown to damage cervical cells. Men who smoke also concentrate these chemicals into their genital secretions and can bathe the cervix with these chemicals during intercourse. It said partners who smoke may want to consider use of condoms as a preventative approach to reduce the risk or progression of dysplasia. I would assume (and maybe I'm wrong) that ingesting nicotene through the gum would do the same thing. Just to be safe, condom use might be a good idea. And who knows - maybe your demanding he use condoms for the sake of YOUR health will be what kicks him in the rear to go ahead and quit which will be great for HIS health. It helped my husband give the old cigar habit the boot which I'm very happy about! :)

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