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In addition to Cerviplex, there are other vitamins you can take that have been proven to boost your immune system. See my post on Using Vitamins and Minerals to reverse cervical dysplasia. It's probably down the list quite a ways by now. I've been through two courses of this regime and my next pap isn't till June so we'll see if it eradicated the persistent strain of HPV from affecting the cells or not. After each three month course, I had a normal pap but the one in between came back ASCUS. I know you never get rid of it but if your immune system can fight off the virus you should start having normal paps again. When I'm not on this particular regime, I still take a very good mix of vitamins by Life Extension as well as Cerviplex. Cerviplex is also known as Indole-3 Carbinole. I've found it at a pharmacy that specializes in formulating drugs and doing natural hormone replacement as well. Also note that smoking is a HUGE risk for those of us battling HPV as well as having sex with a smoker. The carcinogens get into the man's semen and bathing your cervix with them is a bad idea. If your significant other smokes - insist on condoms. Hope I don't sound too radical but I've done a ton of research and this is what I've learned.

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