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I'm right there with you in the waiting game and alternating between fear and hope! Many of us on this board can TOTALLY relate to the overwhelming fear that can attack you when you're worried about your health. All I can do is give you a big cyber-hug and say I completely understand. I'm waiting on biopsy results of a lump I found on the outside. Now wouldn't THAT be a great place to get cancer but I guess it happens. I was so freaked out about my cervical issues and now this! I don't understand why in this day and age it takes a whole week to get something back from a lab! Whatever you do - stay off the internet and don't try to self-diagnose. It just makes things worse and you can't diagnose something. On another board, they have a saying "It ain't cancer till the doctor says it's cancer". I just keep repeating that to myself! I'll keep you in my prayers!

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