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Still worried!
Mar 8, 2006
I posted before because I was having lower left side of abdomen twinges and pelvic ache from time to time. I also have a small enlarged lymph node in my right groin. I had an internal exam and the doctor found that the left ovary was slightly enlarged and there was some tenderness around that area. The ultrasound showed the same...slightly larger than right ovary but not outside the limits of normal size. The uterus lining was fine. The CA 125 was 12. Blood tests showed no signs of infection.

Another doctor tells me that the node is "nothing sinister" is again within acceptable limits of size, though it is harder than any other lymph nodes. It has not grown in the two months since I noticed it.

I still get the discomfort on some days and am still worried! Obviously, if there is tenderness around the ovary, that explains the discomfort. I will be going back to the doctor but has anyone else had this and not had any serious problem? I am sixty years old and otherwise pretty fit and well, though I find I am doing alot of comfort eating during this time of stress!


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