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I had normal paps for 24yrs. I had a normal pap last March and in August post pg I had an abnormal one. I had colposcopy done and doc couldn't see anything and felt it was just left over from hormones. He did a ECC. (scarping tissue to send in). It came back with Adenocarcinoma n situ. I had a cone done and showed barely clear margins. I waited 3 mo and in the meantime consulted two gyn/oncl who said Hysterectomy was the only sure fire cure. Unfortunately so did all the research on AIS. Oh yeah I had a HPV test that showed positive then too. At my three month post cone I had negative HPV test and it showed CIN111. Again consulting the oncologist and it was still recommended to have the H because with AIS it can skip locations since it is glandular and there would be no way to know if it was higher up or invasive. SO Monday I had the H. My glands and tissues showed no residual disease and NO CIN111 at all. Neither doctor could tell me why the post report showed CIN111 and I didn't have it at all? I know question did I need the H after all? My doctors say yes since there would be a lifetime of testing with AIS. Can't question now as it is to late so I am just recovering and glad it is all over and I do not have to be concerned about it anylonger.

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