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had an abnormal pap about 4 monthes ago, then i had a colposcopy done about a month ago...he didnt find anything, not even hpv but said it doesnt mean i dont have hpv. not sure if he will be calling me back with more results from the colp??

anyways i have a question....can you prevent getting cervical cancer by getting paps on time for the rest of your life? if someone always gets their paps on time are they greatly reducing the risk of ever needing a hysterectomy. my aunt had one and has been pretty miserable since. also i have heart issues that are affected by my hormones greatly and want my girly parts to stay intact =[
the reason why im freaking out over this is someone i slept with, their ex girlfriend, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. so im thinking if i do have HPV which the doc hasnt given me a definitive answer i probably have the BAD KIND that will result in cancer really scared but it would be reasurring to know that as long as i go for my paps when they are due ill most likely be ok and wont need a hysterectomy someday.
thanks :confused:
Paps will not prevent Cervical Cancer. A Pap is a test. As long as listen to your doctor and go to all follow ups he/she can perform whatever he needs to rid your body of the bad cells i.e; leep procedure, cone procedure, coloposcopy etc. If you chose not to go and get follow up exams then you can wind up with Cervical Cancer however, it takes many years for cervical cancer to develop due to HPV. Many people misinterput cervical cancer I have heard many girls say that have cancer when all they have is dsyplasia and got a procedure done. You stated your boyfriends ex-girlfriend had cervical cancer. You may want to inquire in regards to whether it was actual cancer or just the PRE-Stages. JUST GO TO YOUR APPTS and you should be just fine. Good luck with everything!!

To my knowledge, cervical cancer, now a days, can, for sure be prevented. Besides the doctors follow ups/procedures ect, stress, diet plays a major role on your bodies ability to keep HPV in "check".

Even if your "x's" girlfriend was diagnosed with cervical cancer, it does NOT mean your body can't "fight it". One person's immune system makes a world of a difference in the progression of Dysplasia.

You have the upper hand. You have education at your finger tips on this matter.

Read the statistics on HPV/Dysplasia,,,,,YES, cervical cancer CAN be prevented. No doubt about it.

Most important part, the hardest part at that, is YOUR OWN IMMUNE system.

Take care of yourself, (diet and stress level mainly from what I gather), follow up with your doc's appointment, listen and ASK questions :). Some docs may seem like they don't have the time. Don't give 'em an option, show up with your questions written down. Do every thing possible to reduce your stress. Whatever that might be for you.

Hoping this finds you well.

one more thing, YES PAP SMEAR screaning DOES reduce greatly, the risk of dysplasia developing into cervical cancer.
Cervical Cancer can not always be prevented. You can do things to help, however cervical cancer is not "always" caused by HPV. There can be other factors, birth control pills, smoking, and genetics. About 90% of cases are conected to HPV but not all of them. Also even when using a condom during intercourse there is still a possibilty to spead the HPV virus. You can be careful and there are many things you can do to prevent it, but no it is not always preventable. However just because you slept with someone that may have HPV doesn't mean you do and "DOESN'T" mean you have cervical cancer. HPV affects every woman differently. If fact it is said to be that anyone that has been with more than one partner has been in contact with HPV. So don't get yourself worked up yet. Paps are the ONLY way to detect pre-canercous cells before they turn into to cancer, while they don't prevent they detect so YES make sure you always get them on time! MAKE sure you get them!

Good Luck!


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