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"Top Hat" LEEP
Mar 18, 2006
Has anyone here had a "Top Hat" LEEP? Here is my history...had a pap in late January that only came back ASCUS (which is usually due to irritation/infection). They decided to do a colposcopy just to make sure since I have a history of cervical cancer in my family. I had an appt. with the OB/GYN I was referred to THINKING that I was going to get a repeat pap, but instead it turned out to only be a meeting to discuss the upcoming colposcopy (that I didn't know about). Well, my dr. said at the most I would get some freezing, but that I "shouldn't worry" because this was just a precaution to be safe & rule out anything serious which he thought would not be the case. He really thought things would be resolved by the colposcopy.

Two weeks later I have the colposcopy & in the weeks before it I was a bit worried, but tried really hard not to think about it. I had a roller coaster of emotions--thinking I was being paranoid & that this really was nothing to thinking WHAT IF they find something? Well, I did do a lot of deep breathing & thought of places I wished I was at instead of thinking of what they were doing to me. It was uncomfortable, but not too horrible.

Everything seemed to be going fine & I actually cracked a smile because I had been so paranoid thinking about the worst & he had yet to make any negative comments. Then he says, "Oops, there are some areas" & the nurse proceeds to whip out the longest pair of scissors I have ever seen! I just about had a heart attack seeing those things! I literally begged for pain meds before he clipped, but he said that would hurt more than the actually clipping, so we counted down together & it only felt like someone pinching you, but it didn't hurt like I thought it would. What a relief!

Well, I saw the look on the dr.'s face & I knew all was not well. You know how you have that gut instinct? He then said there were some areas, but probably nothing too serious & that I would most likely need some freezing.

Ok, fast forward a week to biopsy results. I call in & the nurse tells me instead of the freezing they will do the LEEP procedure. I try to get more details as to why & what exactly did my biopsy results show? Is it CIN or what?

The nurse won't tell me anything, so she says she'll either call me back or have my dr. call me back. Ten minutes later, my dr. calls & he says he has to be more aggressive. The results came back way more serious than expected. Than he tells me how surprised he is with the results & I in return tell him how SHOCKED I am with all this. He then says it is creeping up my cervix & that at the most I can only wait a month to get the procedure done to make sure all of it is taken. I ask him what I have & all he says is that in stages of one to four, I am a stage four, aka Carcinoma in Situ.

I cry the whole weekend & for the entire week before the procedure because not knowing is the worst. Well, I had another colpo exam right before the LEEP & AGAIN the dr. says, "hmm, , we really need to keep a close eye on this one area (endocervical canal). I'll have to do a couple of passes (top hat procedure)". This in effect was 'like' a cone biopsy except done with LEEP due to the size & depth of the cervix taken out.

Well, I lived through it. Still cramping really bad, lots of watery discharge, weird smell, but taking it one day at a time. Here is what has me concerned. He said he thinks there still may be some residual left! So what the heck does that mean?? Anyone else have deep LEEPs done with more than one pass at one time? He used the largest loop size because the lesion was so extensive. He already set up a meeting to discuss biopsy results which should be done in a week, but I don't know what to think. Has anyone ever had ASCUS turn into CINIII/Carcinoma in Situ in less than a month? I am freaked out! I have heard of stories where women had a LEEP only to find out it was invasive cancer. What if I am one of those women? I am 31 with 2 children, but the thought of a hysterectomy still scares me. Of course I'd rather have a hysterectomy if that means I'd live to see my girls grow up, kwim? Gosh, I can't wait for this nightmare to be over. Waiting for results is the WORST! :rolleyes:

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