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hello there -

I've been experiencing mild but consistent pain in my left hip since August, and now it seems to have spread to my lower left abdomen. For the past few months (since late December) my abdominal pain has been a little worse than the hip pain. I feel rather crampy and a bit nauseous, and bloated too. I also get sharp achey pains in my left groin, and I think I can feel lymph nodes on the left side. My periods have been normal, but my cramps beforehand were a little more intense than usual (I almost never have cramps). My lower back sometimes aches too, especially on the left side, and it's almost always stiff.

This is the awful part - I had a routine doctor's appointment about a month ago and DIDN'T MENTION the abdominal discomfort. It was a good, painless day and I convinced myself I was just being a hypochondriac. My doctor even did a pap and checked my ovaries, and everything appeared fine. So - if she couldn't feel anything, does that mean there's nothing there?

I've realized how foolish it was not to mention it, so I've made another appointment for next Tuesday. What questions should I bring to the appointment? What should I ask the doctor to look at? I've been worrying about this since the summer. I'd really like to know what's going on.
You might ask the doctor for a vaginal ultrasound which can identify any problems very closely. The other thing you might consider would be diverticulosis which is a disease that will likely make you feel crampy and achey, run slight fevers, feel flushed for know reason and is caused by hormone fluctuations, damaged bowel from previous surgery, or can occur for no reason at all. If you have an infection, it is named diverticulitis. The most improtant part of this is that in the pain area the patient can not tell the difference between an ovarian rupture or the diverticulitis/losis. It has all the same pain endings.

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