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I had a 2nd opinion yesterday. This doctor could feel the cyst - the 1st opinion I got the doctor couldn't find it...1st doctor just read the CT scan - did a painful exam and said lets remove the cyst, the ovary and repair the hernia..... The doctor did a transvaginal Ultrasound and he said that it looks like to him that I have a Hemorrhagic Corpus Luteum cyst. It has shrank since my CT scan 2 weeks ago. It had been 6x5 cm and it is now 4x3.5 cm. He said that he wants to see me back in 2 weeks. If it has not shrank any more he will have various blood test ran to check for any malignancy. He doesn't see any signs from the ultrasound that it is. He believes it is just a benign complex cyst. If it has shrank more, we will schedule the day surgery to remove the remainder of the cyst and my remaining right ovary. I know I will have to begin taking some form of estrogen but I just don't think I can go through this again. The CT scan saying that malignancy could not be ruled out scared me way too much. He said that what the CT scan was showing as a hernia was not very big (1.2 cm - about the end of my pinky) and could be scar tissue from my hysterectomy. He didn't recommend repair right now. The Lipoma he said could be left alone. If in the future it gets bigger to the point that my abdomen looks misshapped, I could have it removed by laposuction. So, I feel that it is all good news and I give God all the praise! :angel:

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