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Kris so sorry you are going through this at such a young age. I like you (but more then twice your age) have a 7mo and my pap after birth showed abnormal. My Ob thought it was just from the birth and repeated it and yet again abnormal. I was amazed since I never had one like that before. Then he did the colposcopy and scraping (ECC) and found Adenocarcinoma n situ. I then had a cone biopsy and I had clear margins but very close for comfort. I was referred to a gyn/oncologist. The recommendation was a hysterectomy. I sought a second opinion. That was the same. I did a follow up pap/ECC and it showed CIN111 but no AIS. After careful thinking I decided on the H due to wanting to be around for my baby as long as possible. I had that on the 13th and the pathology report came back clear of CIN111 (never had it according to that) and no AIS as it was gotten with the cone. However the question would always be there for me if I didn't. But you are to young and I am sure wanting to retain your fertility so there are other options. You can do the Cone or LEEP if your doctor recommends it. I would make sure to see a gyn/onc though if cancer is mentioned. It is so hard to wait, I think we all know that feeling. But just know that with most all cervical cancers they are slow growing and most can be treated with a Cone or LEEP.

Now your boyfriend, I am sorry but he is a man and most do not understand why we women are emotional about such things. My dh was that way. I would get mad at him for not caring. But in his mind the world is half full and choses to live like that. He never wanted to look at the what ifs if it was bad. Like your boyfriend he repeated the same things to me. This is a good place to come and vent or ask for support as friends and family not going through such things just cannot offer the same support.

Keep us posted.........

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