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I had a cyst rupture and here is how my story went:

Day 1 (evening) had pain in my abdomen that felt like really bad period cramps.

Day 2 (morning) the pain was more like someone was poking me where my right ovary was. Very uncomfortable, but I could still function. By noon, I couldn't walk. The pain was so severe it felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife. I immediately went to the ER. The doctor poked me one time and quickly told me that it was a ruptured cyst. I had a transvaginal ultrasound done and it confirmed that the cyst had ruptured. The doctor told me that all he could do at this point was give me medication to help with the pain.

Day 3, stabbing pain was less and there was more of a burning sensation throughout my entire abdomen. I called the doctor and he said that this was normal because of the size of the cyst (He just said relatively large) and the fact that the puss and blood inside the cyst was now inside by abdominal cavity. He said that this would dissipate over the next several days.

After that, the pain gradually decreased and I went back to work about a week later. I had to mostly stay in bed for at least 3 days because of the severe pain when I would use my abdominal muscles.

So, yes, there is blood in a cyst that will cause pain and burning. My guess is that if your cyst is that large, there would be NO doubt in your mind as to whether it had ruptured. I initially thought mine was appendicitis, it hurt THAT much.

So, I would definitely talk to your doctor about it. Perhaps they can just remove that baby before it causes you problems like I had.

Best of luck, and keep us posted.

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