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I've been having pain in or around my ovaries, usually only one side at a time, though. I went & saw a nurse practitioner today & asked if maybe it was related to my birth control (Yasmin). She said it was just cramping & maybe it was due to the BC.

Well, to make a long story short, she pretty much dismissed my pain like it was nothing. When she was feeling my ovaries, she pressed down on the one side that was hurting & said it felt fine. No ultrasound, nothing. All she did was press down on it from the outside & said it felt like a normal size. I thought I was going to cry, it was very painful when she pressed on my one ovary.

I even told her that all day Sunday, that particulary ovary hurt very bad. I had sharp, stabbing pains & actually felt a lump (presumably it was my ovary). She told me it couldn't possibly be my ovary & that it was probably ligament pain.

I don't understand her reasoning. She pressed on my ovary, which was the exact same spot that's been curling me up in a ball & she said it was ligament pain? What should I do?

Oh, & she did a quick pelvic to see if anything looked weird & saw the LEEP area from 3/16. She said it looked ok, but when she was writing her notes, she was talking out loud & said "CERVICAL STENOSIS seems to be healing ok". So that's my next question! I thought cervical stenosis was bad. Does everyone get cervical stenosis that resolves on it's own AFTER a LEEP?? :eek: Am I crazy or is SHE?

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