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Totally new to this posting and replying thing, but saw the conversation going on a few months ago, and wanted to send in my two cents.

I had my LEEP done on April 19, it was the scariest morning, but fortunately for me I had the most amazing doctor! He made the entire situation seem like it was as simple as a pap smear. The shot was the only uncomfortable part for me.

For anyone who is a first timer, read a lot of other people's postings and do a lot of your own research. It wasn't until I figured out how my doctor was going to do this did I feel comfortable with it. It was nice for me, cause I slightly upstaged my doctor when he was describing it to me in front of his nurse.

It's been about a month and half since my procedure, and I'm 3 weeks late for my period. I had the pregnancy scare, but after taking 4 tests and failing them all (whew!) I called my doctor. They of course did more tests (and I failed those too :) ) and then my doctor had me lie down for an exam. He couldn't get anything through my cervix to check things out, so I had to call my OBGYN again and talk to them.

Turns out my cervix is basically closed shut... so I feel your pain about this whole cervical stenosis thing. Unfortunatly, I can't see my OBGYN for another week, and I've been dealing with the cramping and pain for almost a week already. From what I've been told, and I'm in the middle of my research, all they have to do to fix this "problem" is dilate my cervix!

I was always one of those children who rarely got sick... and now I get to deal with all of this. At first it is a MAJOR shock, but getting on here and reading other people's stories about the same thing makes me feel better about my situation. Now if only I could have a period! (You'll never hear me say that again!)
Knowing this is an older post I wanted to add my 2 cents also....
I had my Leep in June 06 and waited for the 3 month re-pap to stop taking my depo & start TTC. At the 6 month re-pap I mentioned that I had not had a period and had not gotten pregnant. Mu OBGYN said it was probably normal due to the depo, but there was a rare change there could be some scar tissue closing the cervix. On exam the cervix was completely closed. She pushed through the scar tissue which was very painful. She still felt I had not had a period as it would have caued major pain if it could not be expelled. I was started on the patch to get things regulated but still had no period. Another 3 month down the road on exam the cervix was closed, she was able to dialate it with less pain then the 1st time I was put on stong BCP's and had my 1st period in 3 years!! A few days ago I was coming to the end of the 2nd pill pack and decided we were ready to TTC this next month. I had some minor cramping over the weekend..AF was on her way! I was awoke early Monday with severe cramping, like labor pains and no AF. After a few hours I went into the ER. After a long wait the pain diminished and the md said probably just regular cramps!! AFnever arrived, I went into my OB-GYN today where she found a thin layer of scare tissue closing the cervix with a uterus filled with blood probably from AF!

We will play it by ear and hope for a BFP. In my own research I have found there is a stent that can be place to keep the tissue open. It appears it is most often used immediate post LEEP or Cone, not several months later. It seems for me the dialation only last from 30-60 days and your body will tell you if there is blood in the cervix that should not be there!

Good Luck

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