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Apr 19, 2006

Two years ago, I had an abnormal pap, resulting from HPV. I had a colposcopy done, and the results came back stating that I had precancerous cell changes on the cervix at a low grade one. I was told to wait and continue getting pap smears every 6 months to see if it goes away, because in most cases it does on it own. Same thing came back with the abnormal papsmear, and I had another colposcopy stating that it had not gotten worse, but it hasnt gotten better. Now that it has been 2 years, I should get the LEEP procedure to prevent the cell changes from becoming invasive. She also told me that I was a "high risk for the "wart virus" which is only affecting my cervix. So, now in one week I will be getting the LEEP. I am not nervous about the procedure, however I do have some unanswered questions. My boyfriend and I who have been together for 3 years are in a monogamous relationship. He has no symptoms of HPV, and was told that it is very hard to detect in men. If I have this LEEP done, is it possible that I can get reinfected considering we are in a monogamous relationship?? Or, has my body built up antibodies against the type of HPV I have, where it wont come back. I am trying to avoid ever having the LEEP done again due to the decrease of fertility everytime it is done. I am only 22, and I want kids, but not right now. Also, are there any things I can do to boost my immune system to better fight this off??

Thank you

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