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Re: Leep
Apr 19, 2006
Timber and lovethoscurls, thank you very much for the information. Does cryosurgery have any affect on fertility?? My gyno never even mentioned this, but anything to help prevent me from having trouble conceiving is worth hearing about atleast. My gyno said that because my strains are the same as my boyfriend, my body has built up antibodies against it, however, if I am with another man sexually who has a different strain, then I can definately be reinfected. She also stated that it could come back simply because the colposcopy just didnt show a certain area that was infected even though it existed. Like I said, I am really nervous about having kids. Now, after the LEEP, what do I wait for?? Do they test the cells that they have taken off?? Or do I just wait for a follow-up?? Also, I have heard about creams that my boyfriend can use to help prevent these "invisible" warts from appearing... have either of you heard about this?? Also, what about this new vaccine coming out preventing certain strains of HPV. I believe it is gauged toward strains 16 and 18, yet I have 33 and 35. Even though my body has been exposed to HPV, can I take the vaccine to prevent certain other types like 16 and 18?? I( know there are alot of question, sorry!! Thanks again.
Re: Leep
Apr 19, 2006
I just want to let you know that your fertility will be ok if you have multiple LEEPS. Doctor's say that there are cases in which a woman can't carry to term, or may go into pre-mature labor. But there are so many different things that they can do to help you carry to term. My doctor has insured me that I will not have any issues thus far with pregnancy. I've had two LEEPS.

Being reinfected with HPV is always a huge concern. My Dr. compares HPV to a weed. It can go away and then come back at any time. Its very scary for us to go through but at least we have eachother to talk to.
I agree with Timber. A woman wont get infected with a new strain if she is with the same partner.
I just had another abnormal pap. I will get my colposcopy results next week. I'm praying that I won't need anything done further but the only thing I can say is that i'm being proactive and i'm making sure that this does not progress to cancer. I think we are all being smart and following up on our paps.

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