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[QUOTE=amandaj01]I am new to this but I need some advise and understanding. I am 31 years old and last year I had my tubes tide after having my second child. Every since that, I have had menstrual cycles that have been out of control. My child is now 2 and about 2 months ago, I had a Pap that came back normal but my family doctor wanted to find out why my periods were so bad ( clotting and bleeding throughout the month) so she sent me to have an Ultrasound. That US came back with an abnormality of my left ovary so she then sent me to have a CT with and without contrast. I got those results back yesterday and there is a decrease in size of my left ovary (now 2.5 cm) since the US because of the fact that it has ruptured and my right ovary has a cyst that measures 3.5 x 2.1 cm and has something in it. She called it a complex cyst. She recommended me to a gyno for further testing, however I cant be seen until next Wed. a week from today. I have been an emotional wreck because I don't understand what all this is. Can anyone help me understand? Do I have cancer? Is the cyst that ruptured harmful because that content is now in my body? What if the right cyst burst that has something in it? And how do we know that the one that ruptured didn't have anything in it (like cancer)? I am really scared because I dont have anyone to answer these questions and explain to me what all this means. My mother and all her sisters (8 girls) and lots of my cousins have had to have hysterectomies because of fibroid tumors in the ovaries and uteruses. So I know things like this can be genetic and I am fearful of what we will have to do to fix this problem. Please any advise is appreciated.
Thanks, Amanda[/QUOTE]

Hi Amanda,
A few years ago I had a girlfriend who had a large ovarian cyst and I can understand how scared you must be as she was too. Like you she was afraid that it must be cancer because the doctor had said "this is not good" and then walked out of the room. By the time I got to see her she was a sobbing,nervous wreck. So I will say to you what I said to her -- If the doctor did not specifically say that you have cancer then I don't think that's what she meant.By the way, I tracked down her doctor after I talked to her and he was surprised when I told him of my friend's reaction because he said he didn't mean for her to think cancerous. Doctor's are not the greatest communicator's please call your doctor and specifically ask her if she suspects cancer. My friend's cyst was so large (grapefruit size) that they removed it the same day. Yours is small enough that they must not feel they need to remove it at this time or maybe deciding on how to proceed. As far as the cyst that ruptured, the fluid from that cyst has been reabsorbed by your body. I hope this helped.

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