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LEEP Results
Apr 28, 2006
Well they are in. I just got back from the doctor. My PAP showed CINII and CINIII then my biopsy showed infection and CINI which is why my doc wanted to do the LEEP. He figured he biopsied the wrong spots since CINII and CINII don't normally heal them selves. Results from LEEP showed CINI and CINII so better then PAP but worse then biopsy. However, margins are "undeterminable??". Has anyone ever been told this? He said they can't say for sure if they got it all and they can't say if the canal has "CANCER" in it. That scared me horribly as he has never used the word "cancer" with me. He is hoping that the cauterization that he did will destroy any left over cells no matter what they are. I go back in 4 months to find, more waiting. He also said I shouldn't have intercourse or use tampons for another month?? It has been 3 and 1/2 weeks since my LEEP, do I really need to wait almost 2 months? Doesn't that sound extreme? :rolleyes: But overall it could have been worse, and I have another 4 months before I have to think about it again.
Re: LEEP Results
Apr 28, 2006
Thanks SpecialK, I really am trying not to "freak out" but it's hard. I am 21 and have no children, and my mom had cervical cancer which ended in hysterectomy. My grandmother died from "misdiagnosed" cervical cancer, and my bf's ex wife had it and it ended in hysterectomy (hence the hpv). It runs in my family, I smoke, I am on the pill, I don't take any vitamins. I know, I know, I need to stop smoking, it's just every time I turn around something else to stress about. Good Luck on your quest to find a different doctor, and keep me updated!
Re: LEEP Results
Apr 28, 2006 all are right. I'll be 27 next week and mine had actually turned into cancer. The scary part for me was that I had never had dysplasia and then BAM! It's crazy. Do know that I'm fine now and you will be too! The margins from my first cone were not clear enough (probably similar to indeterminable) so I had a second cone. My tx was probably different though since I had cancer.

I know about the smoking too. It's a crappy habit and tough to put down. I'm still struggling with it. If I were you, I would find a good all around vitamin and try to go off the pill. All of this should help boost your immune system. It's a start...then you can worry about the cigs.

Good luck with everything. I hope the next 4 months fly by... :)
Re: LEEP Results
Apr 29, 2006
Lovethoscurls, I had carcinoma in situ in my endocervical canal & it was treated with a deep LEEP with a double pass/top hat. My Dr. found this when doing the colposcopy pre-LEEP. He had done the endocervical curettage during the colposcopy.

Anyway, I am sorry you didn't get better results. I go in for another pap in July, so we will see how things are going then. If there is any way you can give up smoking, you should do it. I have a friend/coworker who is a chain smoker & is also struggling with CINIII. I hope that she quits, but I know she is really trying & finding it so hard to kick the habit. I think things would be easier without the smoking factor.

I have researched this & found that the carcinogens from cigarettes actually pool in your cervix. If your husband/bf smokes, too, this can also increase your chances of CIN because carcinogens will pool in his semen which is then deposited into your vagina/cervix!
Re: LEEP Results
May 2, 2006
lovethoscurls - hugs to you, sounds like you had a rough appointment! The other ladies have pretty much answered your questions, I think. The ECC - do you know if it was done during the LEEP? You will likely have one at your follow up. do take some advil beforehand.

I was told to wait at least 6 weeks for intercourse - so a month and a half. The thing is, you really want to be sure your cervix has healed up so you don't irritate it. I actually waited almost 8 weeks, however my hubby was working out of town so I had no choice. I pretty much attacked him the first chance I got :) LOL.

Good luck with the smoking thing. I truly know how hard that is, smoked for over 10 years before I quit. It really is a mind over matter thing and VERY hard to do, but can happen. I quit when I became pregnant with my daughter, because every puff I took I imagined it affecting my baby. My hubby does not smoke and I live in a province that has super strict smoking bylaws, so I had some environmental motivation (nowhere to smoke) as well as personal reasons.

I think your doc may be concerned about the canal because of your cytology (pap) results and the variance with your biopsy and LEEP results. I think it is good that he is concerned because this means he will be extra vigilant in trying to find out where the high grade reading is coming from, thus making sure all the bad cells get taken care of and are not missed.

Let me know if you need anything.


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