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Hi Ladie's,I just wanted to post about my experience.Many women have question's,and I think it help's to read about these procedure's.I had a LEEP/Cone(or what you call a top hat) done yesterday.The shot's given for numbing were not too bad,just stung a little.The gyn made the first pass across the cervix and removed an eighth of an inch in tissue.The second pass into the canal removed an inch of tissue that was an inch wide and long.Then a scraping was done to check for any abnormal area's in the upper uterus.Although I was pretty numb,I still felt the passes.Oh,on the first pass,the LEEP tool bumped against the side of my vaginal wall.Yikes! That was a real jolt.The gyn said,I'm so sorry,are you ok?I was,and told him it will heal.But the look on everyone's face's was funny,sort of.He cauterized the area and applied monsel's paste and that was it.I have had some cramping,and am sore.Feel a little bit swollen as well.The gyn gave me some pain meds,just in case,so that has helped alot.My pathology will be back in a week,and the gyn said if the margin's are not clear or the scraping show's evidence of CIS,I can opt to have a hysterectomy.I wish good luck to all of the ladie's who will have this done,and good luck to the one's who had treatment and are allright now.Take care! :angel:

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