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Repeated Leeps
May 2, 2006
Hey there,

Ok if all this sounds familliar its because i did post this a few days ago just a few slight technical difficulties hehe. ok so my story

Im 20 years old mother of 1 little 4 year old girl im goin in for my second leep procedure in 2 weeks (first one was in august 2005) had my preop yesterday all good to go!! i know someone replied to my last post but i thought id ask again cause im sure i missed out on some wonderful advice and help, this is my second leep and get repeat CIN 3 thats actually shown up since i was about 13 (that was when i had my first pap smear) its just taken them so long to do anything about it. Im wondering if any women have had any complications in concieving or carrying children after having repeat lletz procedures. Also i have been reading about other leep procedures they jst numb the cervix and do the procedure. well they put me under GA and the operation takes about 1-2 hours just wondering if anyone knows why they do it differently for me i was thinking maybe because im in australia theres just a different way to do it here anyway thanks in advance girls:D

Re: Repeated Leeps
May 10, 2006
I have had two LEEP's done, and last Thursday at 13.5 weeks pregnant, I had to have a cerclage. My cervix will be stitched closed until about 36-37 weeks. It is incompetent due to the LEEP procedures, but the good news is, my Dr. has been aggressive and I've had several ultrasounds already where he measured my cervix to see if it had shortened. There is hope even with repeated procedures. I never had one issue with conceiving, the LEEP's will not affect that, only your ability to carry the baby in SOME cases.

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