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Normal :bouncing: .............I have been on this board for 3 years now beacuse that was my first abnormal pap that was treated with leep .... follow ups since then have been all abnormal including one after cone biopsy(that I opted) after unsuccessful leep; NEVER had clear margins but always mild...I have been panicking and obsessing ,,,everytime I would read of a normal, I would be hopeful and this is why I am writing today in hope that I make someone feel the same way....NORMAL :bouncing: finally

I went to an oncologist last year because after my treatments I panicked more that I wasnt normal and he said as long as it is mild do not stress just follow up and you will be fine EITHER WAY because milds clear on their own OR you have caught it in time anyhow if its going to get worst,,

I never thought I would hear that word again ,,it has been 3 long years and I did today...

Just a little note: I tried the folic acid for 3 months prior to my last pap I dont know if it has anything to do with it but it couldnt hurt... :wave:

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