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I think your doctor is irresponsible. Efudex isn't for use as a primary treatment of dysplasia, especially not for a "large area" of dysplasia. There's no evidence anywhere in the medical literature that 5-fu be used for anything other than to help prevent recurrence after being treated surgically. You should have had a LEEP or at least cryotherapy a long time ago, especially given that it sounds like your dysplasia is extensive.

The risk of having trouble carrying children is very low, and is easily solved with a cervical cerclage during pregnancy. I think it was very wrong of your doctor to agree to anything other than a LEEP, unless you flat out refused it. The risk to your health of mismanaging dysplasia is greater than the risk of having trouble during pregnancy. What grade is your dysplasia?

Other than that, I don't know what you can do other than wait and hope you heal soon. If your dysplasia returns, you need to have a LEEP.

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