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Hi all, any guidance would be appreciated :(

I have had some abnormal test results and I feel like my doc is not taking them seriously. I have recently been considering changing my gynecologist but I would like some opinions on whether or not I am overreacting and if the care I have been getting is standard.

In Dec. 2005, I went for my yearly pap. Three weeks later, I got the call that I had abnormal results (turned out to be ASCUS with HPV+ for high-risk genetic strain, found this out when I requested to read the report myself, which I always do). I was scheduled for a colposcopy with biopsy the first week in January. My doc called me to tell me the results, which he said were: "The pathologist may have seen abnormal cells but then he wasn't really sure." When I read the report myself, it actually said ABNORMAL CELLS PRESENT, HOWEVER, DEFINITIVE DIAGNOSIS CANNOT BE MADE DUE TO SIZE OF SAMPLE. Repeat pap at the same time had same result, ASCUS. I was scheduled for another colposcopy with biopsy at the end of January. This time, my doc called to tell me the biopsy was "clear", and that I should have another pap in 3 months. When I went back April 5th, I read the second biopsy report myself which actually read NONSPECIFIC CELLULAR ATYPIA PRESENT. The repeat pap done at the same time read COULD NOT BE READ DUE TO TECHNICAL ERROR. So I had another Pap done April 5th, six weeks ago, and was never contacted with results. My docs office has a policy that "no news is good news, if you don't hear from us you can assume your tests were normal." The (nurse? receptionist?) person who answered the phone rudely explained that to me one time in the past when I have called to inquire about some test results. So here I am after six weeks trying to assume that my pap was normal, right? Well today I got a bill from the lab for a procedure performed on April 5th, which they have titled "HPV testing for ASCUS result on pap". I opened the bill when it was already too late to call my doctor's office. I am really fuming mad and I no longer have any trust in my doctor and his office. I feel like he has been ignoring abnormal results and/or I have fallen through the cracks of their busy office. Since this whole thing started in December, I have told them repeatedly that I really felt like something was wrong and "Are you sure this is all we need to do? Shouldn't we be doing something more about this?" I have made it very clear on every one of these visits that I am through having children and that I do not want to be treated conservatively if there is something wrong; I would have easily chosen to have a hysterectomy after the first abnormal result if he would have told me that I was in any danger or risk. Now I feel like I may have just let cancer sit and grow inside me for 6 months. I've been a nervous wreck since this whole ordeal started.

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