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HELP! I have a LEEP scheduled for June 27 and I'm scared. The doc told me that I have CIN 3 and wants to do the LEEP and feels sure everything will ok from there. Is that true? I'm not really scared about the procedure, however, I'm worried about what happens afterwards. How long should I expect to have bleeding? Do you really have to worry about lifting heavy things? I have I trip to Europe planned for July 14 and I'm wondering now if I should post-pone the LEEP until after the trip :confused:
I had my leep almost 4 weeks ago. I really didn't experience any major cramping. I had maybe 10 minutes of cramps the entire month total. Its nothing to worry about. I was anxious. Once the procedure started it was over in like 1 minute. The only part that was a little uncomfortable was when they gave me the shots to numb me. After I went out to lunch and felt fine. I had no cramping or no pain. I did bleed a little the next week. Just spotting, but I think that is because I went back to my work out routine. No one had told me no heavy lifting for a week or so. But it was nothing major. I, like everyone else, had discharge for about 3 weeks. I just used a panty liner and I was fine. I noticed a slight odor. But nothing major. My leep was so much less then what I made it out to be. I was so worried. I'm sure yours will go as smoothly as mine did and everyone elses did. Good luck! :)

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