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[COLOR=Blue] [SIZE=3][FONT=Tahoma]:wave: Hello Group! I am so happy to see a board full of support and love for others!
My story is both a warning and a cry for help from anyone who has had a similier case.
I had Pelvic laparoscopy two days ago for unexplained pelvic pain and severe pain during my cycle. I have had these pains for going on four years now. I went to a Gastronologist and a OBG-YN and was told there was nothing wrong with me. Not one of them offered the suggestion of surgery in order to explore my internal organs. The Internist even noted that my white blood count was elevated. When I asked why I was told that it could be an infection anywhere in my body and that with a course of antibiotics the problem would resolve itself. I felt as if we were shooting in the dark on that one!
So here I am years down the road thinking, "Mabye I am crazy!" It got to the point where I believe everyone thought I was just looking for a prescription for painkillers. So back to the motrin and moaning I went resigning myself to the mystery pain that was all in my head.
Two months ago my cycles started to become so painful I was finally driven to go to the Emergency Room. Thank God for the Doctor that was on duty that night. He relieved my pain (It hurt to sit,stand,walk,lay down,etc,etc) and than ordered an Ultrasound. When the results came back he said, "When did you have your Overies removed?" Needless to say he was in shock to learn that I was on my cycle. He suggested that I get a new OBG-YN and to check up on Endometriosis.
So begins the start of my Journey.
I found a wonderful Husband and Wife team that have just started thier practice and are the most caring Doctors I have yet to meet. After reviewing all my past tests (MRI,Ultrasound,xrays) and discussing my symptoms she stated that I should have had exploration surgery when all my symptems began and did not cease, especially with my elavated blood count and no apparant cause for infection. She also stated that my Uterus has been larger than normal in every past Ultrasound on record at the hospital. A normal Uterus is usually around 8.3 and mine measured 12.8.
So off to surgery we go. All went well and she said she would contact me today to briefly discuss what she saw and to see how I was feeling. Needless to say I am in shock concerning the results. She said, "First,you are not crazy!" You have had every reason to be in pain. From past surgerys I have scar tissue build up to my rib cage that needs to be removed. I also have whats called a "Boggy" Uterus. There is a name for it but for the life of me I cant remember right now! My left ovary has a large cyst with scar tissue incasing it, the right ovary is the one that concerned her the most. The ovary itself has cysts also and has adherred to my pelvic wall and has a group of blood vessels attached to it. It is very purple in apperance. She stated that as soon as they saw the condition of the right ovary they preformed a pelvic wash in order to collect cells for biopsy with out actually disturbing the area. They than closed me back up in order to wait for the pathology report and to discuss my options. Monday at 2:45 I will find out. My Mother died in my arms from Cancer of the Uterus, so you can imagine how my worst nightmare was suddenly reliezed in the space of one phone call.
If anyone has any experiance with these types of problems I sure would love to hear from you. Right now I am about as scared as I can get. Monday seems an eternity away.
:angel: [/COLOR] God Bless[/SIZE]Debbie [/FONT]

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