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Hello everyone. I had a LEEP done on May 9th, so about 6 weeks ago. It was successful, margins were clear, thank GOD!! I waited the full 4 weeks until I had sex again, but every time my boyfriend and I have had sex since then, I have had some light bleeding afterwards. Anyone know if this is normal? Any help would be great!
A couple of other people have mentioned this happening to them so it seems somewhat common. Your cervix is probably just still healing. Did you have a followup appointment during which your gyno looked at your cervix and gave you the go-ahead?
I continued to have slight bleeding after my leep so at about 2 and a half months post-leep my dr. did a re-check and noticed that I had one very small spot where a blood vessel healed too closely to the surface...he cauterized it with a silver nitrate stick and I haven't had any problems since.....he said it is not uncommon to have to use some silver nitrate following a leep.

Take care.

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