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I am having a LEEP done this week and my doctor informed me I will be knocked out. I keep reading posts where people say they were awake. I just want to make sure this is normal. Thanks.
It really depends on the doctor and your ins. A lot of women are put to sleep for various reasons. When you are awake the pain meds they give you make you shake, very bad in many cases. Along with the shaking many of us have from nerves. A lot of doctors don't feel comfortable with this because what ever the hit with the instrument is going to be burnt. I was awake for mine, and while no it wasn't a big deal at all, I think I would have felt more comfortable before hand if I had thought I was going to be asleep for it. Good Luck
It's usually done while awake, but it's not uncommon to be asleep for it. My doctor wanted to put me under, but I declined and stayed awake with a light dose of sedative to keep my calm. The procedure was no big deal and if I have to do it again I'll remain awake again. Like LTC said, though, it's extremely important that you NOT move during the procedure or the doctor can perforate your vagina with the loop. So if you're a very anxious patient, it would be best for you to at least take an anti anxiety med.

If you're not too anxious and want to stay awake, for a minor surgery like LEEP you can usually negotiate with your doctor about the level of sedation.
Good luck this week with your LEEP.Hope you have good result's! Take care. :wave:
Thank you everyone! :wave:
Me, me!!!! I was asleep for mine. It wasn't general but it was called intraveinous sedation.....kindof like twilight but I was definitely out.

I liked it that way. I remember being wheeled in and then waking up while I was wheeled out. My nerves were shot so I was glad to be out for it.

My dr. used to do this procedure in office and without anesthesia but because of recent insurance red-tape he now performs all leeps as outpatient surgeries in the hospital. And he said many dr's are being forced to do the same.

Good luck with your'll be just fine!

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